Our Directors

DAVID HONORIO LIM IIIChief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Founder
David has 25 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. His foundation in Business Development, Strategic Account Management, Solution Architecture and Process Engineering has enabled him to build a successful career in various multinational technology companies like Computer Associates, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, and Cisco among others, where he placed the customer at the heart of what he does.

In 2014, seeing the need for many industrial companies to merge Information and Operational technologies crucial for strategic decision making, and the selfless desire to help young professionals succeed, David established Calibr8. Through his leadership, he has grown the company from a two-man operation to more than 65 full time employees today.

As the concurrent Chief Technology Officer, David also works with industry experts to continuously grow technology partners, expand Calibr8’s in-house developed applications to realize Calibr8’s vision, and deliver value to customers through enabling sustainable operations.

AL RAMON DELA CRUZPresident, Chief Revenue Officer
Al Ramon is a seasoned and multi-awarded sales professional in the Information Technology industry. As President and Chief Revenue Officer, Al Ramon is responsible in growing the local business and meeting the company’s revenue targets.

Al Ramon is an accomplished leader having held various senior positions in multinational companies like Symantec, Microsoft and Cisco. Al Ramon brings with him more than 30 years of strategic account management and business development experience that has enabled Calibr8 to significantly grow company revenue. Through his leadership, Al Ramon has grown the sales team, the channel partners, and has enabled Calibr8 to deeply penetrate each of the large energy conglomerates and grow the business relationship with various customers.

ISAMU SHINOZAKIChief Architect , Co-Founder
In his role as Chief Architect, Isamu is responsible for the end to end solution architecture that covers the sensors, IOT devices, gateways, communication platform, advanced analytics and machine learning. At the same time, Isamu serves as the head of Research and Development particularly in designing and prototyping of sensors and IOT devices. As Calibr8 expands its portfolio in the manufacturing industry, he continues to improve Calibr8’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models, allowing the company to build its own in-house developed applications like Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).

Prior to joining & building Calibr8 with David, Isamu worked extensively in Microsoft. He has been a Microsoft trainee since high school and has earned the Microsoft Valuable Professional award for 5 years.

ANN BEATRICE LIMChief Operating Officer
Aby, as she is fondly called, has 20 years of solid experience from financing services, account management, and business development, to cloud services, consulting and system integration services. In her capacity as Chief Operating Officer, she is responsible for scaling Calibr8’s business, driving product and services revenue and achieving high customer satisfaction. Aby has been instrumental in restructuring the services and delivery organization to support sales, drive revenue and project profitability. As the COO, Aby also manages the corporate services that include HR, Finance and Supply Chain. Through her leadership, Calibr8 is able to establish good credit ratings with various banks to support the growth of the company. She has introduced various processes critical to improve Calibr8’s overall financial performance to achieve growth and profitability.

Having worked for various multinational companies like Hewlett-Packard, Nokia, Oracle, SAP and Sandvine, among a few and through her business degree, Aby is a multi-faceted leader that drives business growth while keeping a highly engaged and happy workforce. Aby strongly believes that Calibr8 should be a safe venue for the employees to grow personally and professionally.



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