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Calibr8’s own tools and platform.


Our Remote Energy Monitoring System has user-friendly interface and intuitive visualizations that make it easy to track energy trends, set targets, and implement energy-saving strategies.

C8 Helix

Effortlessly transition your data from the eDNA platform to the PI System. C8 Helix efficiently migrate historical and real-time data while ensuring the continuity of critical data operations.

C8 Logar8m

Our Manual Logger tool simplifies manual data entry, eliminating paper-based processes and reducing errors. It collects data from various sources, like equipment readings or inspections.

C8 Nexus

A Calibr8-developed tool that integrates seamlessly with various systems, databases, and applications, providing a centralized hub for accessing and interacting with data.

C8 Cube

Our PDF Uploader tool streamlines document management workflows, ensuring efficient organization and easy access to critical information. It also supports advanced document management features.

C8 Vortex

A transmission and distribution asset monitoring suite (SaaS) that aims to equip users with real-time data monitoring and built-in analytics to diagnose crucial equipment.