Power Generation Companies are being challenged on how to balance environmental aspect and being to provide stable and reliable power. As population grows and energy demand grows – energy is being closely monitored to how best to address the present demand and also protect the future. Data Driven Power Plant will be able to provide better maintenance schedules, better and optimal energy spot market bids. Eventually leading up to a Virtual Power Plant concept that maximizes each Power Generation’s capacity within building new power plants.

 T&D (Electric Utilities) – with renewables slowly taking a huge chunk of the capacity, the grid now becomes unstable. With proliferation of Household Solar and Microgrids, the grid network would need to become a 2-way traffic, not just energy to the customers for both Residential and Commercial & Industrial customers but the ability to store and re-direct energy from one sector to another. Data Driven Electric Utilities will be able to optimize their operations by using PMU or Synchophasor Data. PMU data will provide the valuable insights on how to balance and stabilize the grid.

 Calibr8’s solutions enable digital transformation by bringing OT and IT data to make strategic data driven decisions, while securing the infrastructure using unidirectional gateway technology. Learn more about OSIsoft Pi system and other complimenting solutions that can provide real-time data to maximize asset performance and longevity, optimize load potential  while maintaining operational sustainability.