Oil and Gas

Volatility in oil prices and uncertainty in geopolitical situation have severely affected the oil and gas industry. Surviving the tough market conditions requires focus on being lean. Customers continuously eliminate waste and focus on core skills while outsourcing commodity tasks.

Calibr8 has partnered with OSIsoft to deliver a trusted and proven solution that enable upstream, midstream and downstream operations. The use of PI system achieves significant reductions in operations and data processing time. Well automation is made possible by getting real-time data for timely calculations of well performance with real-time analysis and notifications when performance of the well is below desired level. Stock level is better managed by allowing web services to display data from ERP system and PI server to get accurate information.

 The OSIsoft PI system together with Calibr8’s complimenting solutions and professional services enable customers to optimize production, maintain health and safety while meeting bottom line financial targets by outsourcing the day-to-day operations of the Pi system.