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Our Solutions

Dissolved Gas Analysis

Calibr8’s Power Transformer Monitoring solution uses the DGA standard process which is considered the best method for determining a transformer’s overall condition.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal cameras fully integrated into the PI system with smart notifications are used in this solution to get real-time temperature data and live stream of critical assets.

Substation Loading

This solution allows for more efficient management of the substation, as well as enabling early detection of potential problems. The collected data could also be used for predictive maintenance.

Asset Health Monitoring

Involves the use of sensors and other devices tied in with our Data Management Platform to monitor the health and condition of mission-critical assets in real-time.

Data Management Platform

Includes tools for data collection, storage, and analysis, as well as features for data visualization and reporting. It helps businesses gain insights from their data and use it for improving operations.

OT Cybersecurity

Our OT cybersecurity ranges from a combination of hardware, software, and services that are designed to protect industrial control systems against cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Operational Performance

Depending on the challenges you’re facing, we make use of data analysis and tools to identify areas for improvement, as well as the implementation of new processes and technologies to drive performance.

Energy Management Solution

Calibr8 REMS (Remote Energy Management System) is an automation-based system that consists of energy data capturing tools and display devices to efficiently analyze the energy consumption for desired benefits.

Non-Revenue Water Leakage

Involves the use of sensors, data analytics, and other technologies to detect and identify leaks, as well as tools and processes for repairing the leaks and improving overall efficiency of the water distribution system.

Pipeline Management

Involves real-time monitoring of assets, this solution helps Oil and Gas companies reduce the risks and costs associated with pipeline operations while improving the overall reliability and performance of the pipeline assets.

Laboratory Information Management System & X-ray

A comprehensive solution that enables your LIMS to send data to the PI System for storage, analysis, and reporting; with additional tools that help manage the data collected by your LIMS.

Safety and Compliance

Utilize the PI System to collect, manage, and analyze data related to safety and compliance. This could include data for safety incidents and accidents, data on compliance with regulations, and other standards.