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Calibr8 Systems develops products and solutions that meet your business needs.

C8 Vortex DGA

Online and batch monitoring suite for Transmission & Distribution transformers.

C8 Hydrogen Monitoring

Hydrogen Sensing system for real-time monitoring of H2 gas levels in power transformers.

C8 Thermal Imaging

Real-time monitoring of critical hotspots in critical assets. 


A Remote Energy Monitoring System with a user-friendly interface and intuitive visualization. 

C8 Helix

An eDNA to PI Data Migration tool for seamless transfers of data. 

C8 Manual Logger

Simplifies manual data entry, eliminating paper-based entries and reduces human errors.

C8 PI Health

This technology monitors the PI server’s health to safeguard critical operations.

C8 Truckscale

Real-time monitoring of truck scale weighbridge.

We deliver innovative IoT solutions purpose-built for the industrial sector.

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Calibr8 Systems provides a variety of professional services to support your organization and optimize your investment. Regardless of where you are in your transformation journey, we are more than happy to be your partner in your journey to success.


We thoroughly assess your existing infrastructure, identifying areas for improvement and IoT integrations.


We provide end-to-end implementation services from design, deployment, development, testing up to system go-live.

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We enable our customers to maximize their investments by allowing them to break off a particular task and assigning them to Calibr8.


Be it learning a new system or skills augmentation. We provide a full suite of educational options including traditional classroom learning, self-guided and online study.


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We have a solid network of global partners, to get the best solution for your needs.