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Calibr8 Systems develops products and solutions that meet your needs.

C8 Vortex DGA

Online and batch monitoring suite for Transmission & Distribution transformers.

C8 Hydrogen Monitoring

Hydrogen Sensing system for real-time monitoring of H2 gas levels in power transformers.

C8 Thermal Imaging

Real-time monitoring of critical hotspots in critical assets. 


A Remote Energy Monitoring System with a user-friendly interface and intuitive visualization. 

C8 Helix

An eDNA to PI Data Migration tool for seamless transfers of data. 

We deliver innovative IoT solutions purpose-built for the industrial sector.

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Delivering data And success

Calibr8 Systems provides a variety of professional services to support your organization and optimize your investment. 


We thoroughly assess your existing infrastructure, identifying areas for improvement and IoT integrations.


We provide end-to-end implementation services from design, deployment, development, testing up to system go-live.

managed & Support

We enable our customers to maximize their investments by allowing them to break off a particular task and assigning them to Calibr8.


Be it learning a new system or skills augmentation. We provide a full suite of educational options including traditional classroom learning, self-guided and online study.


We work with best in the field

We have a solid network of global partners, to get the best solution for your needs.