BLOG: The Power of C8 Thermal Imaging in Oil & Gas

Navigating the intricate challenges of the oil and gas sector—spanning from aging infrastructure and environmental concerns to personnel safety and talent shortages—requires a commitment to innovation and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. Imagine having the capability to monitor equipment health, detect leaks, optimize processes, and enhance safety through real-time thermal insights.

Calibr8 Systems’ C8 Thermal Imaging Solution seamlessly combines thermal imaging technology with the PI System, a comprehensive data infrastructure for industrial operations. Developed by OSIsoft (now part of AVEVA), the PI System collects, analyzes, and visualizes data from various sources within industrial settings.

Integrating this thermal data into the PI System provides operators with a holistic view of industrial processes, equipment, and facilities. By leveraging thermal data within the broader context of industrial operations, it offers a more comprehensive understanding and enables data-driven decision-making.

Addressing Key Challenges in Oil & Gas Operations

With this foundation, let’s explore how the C8 Thermal Imaging Solution tackles critical challenges in the Oil & Gas sector, revolutionizing operational visibility and resiliency:

Aging Infrastructure and Maintenance Costs (Asset Health Monitoring)

C8 Thermal imaging solution provides a non-intrusive method to monitor the surface temperatures of critical equipment. For example, overheating in pumps may indicate issues with bearings or lubrication. By integrating thermal data into the PI System, operators can establish baseline temperature profiles and set up alerts for deviations. Early detection of abnormal temperature patterns allows for predictive maintenance, minimizing downtime and optimizing maintenance schedules.

Leak Detection (Resiliency and Sustainability)

Thermal imaging cameras excel in identifying temperature variations caused by fluid leaks, even when imperceptible to the naked eye. When seamlessly integrated into the PI System, this thermal data empowers continuous real-time monitoring of pipelines and equipment. The system’s ability to generate immediate alarms and notifications facilitates prompt responses, effectively preventing environmental damage and ensuring steadfast adherence to regulatory standards. 

Process Optimization and Operational Efficiency

In visualizing heat distribution within various processes, C8 Thermal Imaging solution serves as a powerful tool in identifying potential inefficiencies like areas of heat loss or excessive heating. When this data is integrated into the PI System, operators gain a comprehensive view of thermal profiles over time. This historical data can be analyzed to optimize processes, improve energy efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

Tank Level Monitoring (Supply Chain Disruptions)

Maintaining accurate data is important in the supply chain. With the C8 Thermal Imaging solution, you can effectively monitor liquid levels in storage tanks by detecting temperature variations linked to changing fluid levels. The seamless integration with the PI System ensures precise tracking of tank levels over time. This information is vital for inventory management, preventing overfills, and optimizing logistics for timely refilling or extraction.

Flare Stack Monitoring (Environmental Concerns)

C8 Thermal Imaging can also assess the temperature and efficiency of flare stacks. When this data is collected and visualized in the PI System, this data helps operators track and analyze flare stack performance, optimize combustion processes, minimize emissions, and align with environmental regulations.

Workforce Safety

Thermal imaging can monitor work areas for potential hazards like overheated equipment or the presence of hazardous substances. Real-time monitoring enables the immediate identification of safety concerns. By incorporating this information into the PI System, operators can track and analyze patterns over time, fostering the development of proactive safety measures and training programs to mitigate risks and enhance overall workplace safety.

Getting the right solution

From ensuring the health of critical equipment to strengthening workforce safety, Calibr8 Systems’ C8 Thermal Imaging solution not only gives you the visibility of your operations, it also empowers proactive decision-making, curtails risks, and propels your operations toward efficiency and heightened resiliency.

Complex industries have complex challenges. It’s more important than ever that oil and gas companies understand the imperative of adopting innovative technologies to stay ahead amidst industrial changes and disruptors.

If you’re looking to future-proof your operations and systems, book a demo with us to find out more about Calibr8 Systems.

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